Some well meaning individuals at Washington University in St. Louis thought they’d help alleviate worry amid exam time by getting a petting zoo – that shockingly included “Bungle” the gnawing bear. As you can likely figure, issues followed.

18 understudies maintained skin-breaking nibbles from Boo.

You’d figure somebody would piece of information into there being an issue after, say, a couple of nibbles. When it hit twelve, I would have figured anybody with presence of mind would get concerned. In any case, 18??? Did they even haul Boo out of the petting zoo by at that point, or did he simply become weary of gnawing individuals? (Or then again did he just come up short on ready casualties?)

Neighborhood general wellbeing authorities initially ordered killing and rabies testing.

Since Boo is a wild creature animal varieties, there are no isolate arrangements after potential rabies presentation. Thus, standard rules are to euthanize the creature for rabies testing. This went poorly well (as anyone might expect), and they in the long run yielded. From a commonsense point, it’s sensible since Boo’s not likely crazy, he’s simply not a decent petting zoo critter. Nonetheless, the choice was likely more PR than science and they’ve conflicted with standard rabies avoidance rehearses. This is one motivation behind why wild species should be in petting zoos.

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