Need your children to have a cheerful Halloween that is sound, as well? Notwithstanding monitoring the sweet they eat, another report suggests you avoid most face paint and youngsters’ lip ointment, nail clean, and different beauty care products. Why?

The report, Pretty Scary 2: Unmasking Toxic Chemicals in Kids’ Makeup, uncovers that in excess of 50 percent of face paints and beautifying agents promoted to kids contains no less than one fixing or contaminant connected to hormone interruption, formative deferrals, learning troubles, or disease.

The report, issued by the Breast Cancer Fund and its Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, depends on research and lab testing done on 187 corrective items advertised to kids. Among the unsafe fixings found in these items are lead, cadmium, styrene, formaldehyde and unpredictable natural mixes (VOCs) like benzene and toluene.

“The nearness of both lead and cadmium in children’s items is hazardously concerning,” report the analysts. “The solid relationship of lead with neurological and scholarly weaknesses has driven the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to announce there is no protected blood level of lead.”

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