We have an insane course with numerous wacky attractions incorporating Ireland’s first Glow in the Dark smaller than normal fairway! We have a 9-opening course loaded with a wide range of privateer themed props and snags, including our own one of a kind indoor waterfall. You will feel as if you have ventured onto your own ‘Privateer Island’.

For what reason not strive for a fortunate strike on our awesome scaled down rocking the bowling alley paths. Spic and span to Ireland and like normal ten stick playing, the paths are somewhat shorter and the balls somewhat lighter, making it less demanding for kids, so it’s smaller than usual rocking the bowling alley yet full size fun!

Our Mini Bowling is in actuality a movement for all age gatherings. Our Bowling paths additionally give a characteristic bound outskirt to a family, gathering, or gathering. Have some good times playing together, simply look out for those aggressive ones.

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