Wingham Wildlife Park is home to the Lions Den Indoor Soft Play zone, which contains more than 3,300 square feet of delicate play fun, more than 3 levels!

If you don’t mind Note! The indoor play territory close no less than 1 hour before whatever remains of the recreation center. On the off chance that you are coming to utilize the indoor play territory please telephone ahead to check times or utilize the play zone toward the beginning of your visit to stay away from disillusionment.

The territory is part in to 3 isolate zones:

Development zone (with monster lego)

Little child territory (for under 3s with rockers and a ball pit)

Fundamental play outline (3 stories of cushioned stages, slides, spans and a monster Lions head!)

Principles of the building:

Guardians/gatekeepers must regulate youngsters constantly.

Kids who are unwell must not utilize the play gear.

This play territory is for kids matured 12 and under AND under 1.6m tall.

Little child are is for use by kids matured 3 and under as it were.

Age confinements are set up for the security of all kids and our staff will uphold them.

Shoes are to be evacuated on the play gear and in the supervision territories (which applies to the two kids and administering grown-ups), however for cleanliness reasons socks must be worn consistently (these can be obtained at the recreation center).

No nourishment or drink (counting desserts and biting gum) is to be gone up against to the play hardware.

Just nourishment and drink obtained at the recreation center might be expended in the building.

Smoking isn’t allowed in the building.

Our staff won’t endure dangerous or troublesome conduct, and kids acting in an unseemly way might be requested to take off.

Kindly don’t circled the play region.

Youngsters ought not ascend, rundown or go down slides in reverse.

Pens, clasps, adornments, watches, cash, sharp protests, identifications and so forth should not be taken in to the play hardware. Any individual things must be left with guardians/gatekeepers and we acknowledge no risk for stolen, lost or harmed property.

Push seats are to be left in the carriage stop outside the play territory building. Surreys and individual things are left in the carriage stop at the proprietors hazard and we won’t acknowledge obligation for stolen, lost or harmed things.

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