A petting zoo includes a mix of domesticed creatures and some wild species that are sufficiently submissive to touch and nourish. Notwithstanding free petting zoos, additionally called youngsters’ homesteads or petting ranches, numerous general zoos contain a petting zoo. Some petting zoos can be found in city parks, and some petting zoos are likewise versatile and will go to a home for a kids’ gathering or occasion. Numerous territories have a qualified portable petting zoo.

Most petting zoos are intended to give just generally tranquil, herbivorous tamed creatures, for example, sheep, goats, rabbits, or horses, to securely nourish and physically cooperate with. This is as opposed to the standard zoo encounter, where typically wild creatures are seen from behind safe walled in areas where no contact is conceivable. A couple of give wild species, (for example, pythons or infant enormous felines) to collaborate with, however these are uncommon and generally found outside of Western countries.

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