On account of face paint, making your own particular is extremely the best way to ensure that what you’re putting on your kid’s face is protected. Here’s a straightforward formula:


½ tsp skin cream as a base, for example, Keys 100% Chemical-Free Tortuga Lotion.

Natural cornstarch (discretionary)

Natural nourishments, for example, turmeric (yellow/dark colored), raspberries or blackberries (rose), fruits or beets (red), blueberries (blue), avocado with a squirt of lemon juice (green), corn (yellow) and cocoa or chocolate sauce (darker).

To begin with, make the hues you might want. On the off chance that utilizing entire or solidified organic products, pound the juice from the natural products utilizing a strainer into the base cream.

Blend a tad bit of the base with each shading you’ve made. Diverse sustenances have shifting levels of water content, so you may need to include a little measure of natural cornstarch to the blend.

Utilize a perfect paintbrush to apply. Evacuate effectively with cleanser and water.

Substitute for Face Paint

Make straightforward ensembles from things you have around the house. Give your tyke’s creative ability a chance to be the guide. Keep things like scarves, tissue paper, silk material and cardboard convenient. Green Halloween has some straightforward, hand crafted outfit thoughts for turning into the Ocean or Mother Earth that will start your tyke’s innovativeness.

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